Cats are natural hunters and they love to hide in dark and enclosed spaces. This is why cats love boxes. Boxes can be used as a place to hide from other animals, a strategic sneak attack from the top of the staircase, or a safe place for kittens to play when they’re too small to get around on their own.

Cats like boxes because they feel safe. They like to explore and boxes provide new and exciting territory. Boxes also provide good hunting hideouts and some cats see them as warm places to sleep.

Cat behavior is iconic and fascinating. In this article, I am going to discuss the mystery behind cats and boxes.

Reason Why Do Cats Love Boxes So Much

Cats have a complicated relationship with boxes. They are often drawn to them, despite the fact that they are known for being selective about where they sleep.

For some, merely looking at a box brings thoughts of naptime. Other cats are leerier about closed-off spaces, preferring to remain firmly on the outside looking in.

Reason Why Cats Love Boxes So Much

1. Boxes Make Your Cat Feel Safe

A cat’s natural instinct is to find a hidden place where it can feel safe from predators. They also enjoy taking up as little space as possible, which is why they often squeeze into small spaces like boxes, baskets, or even drawers.

There are so many benefits to putting boxes around your home, at least if you have a cat it will make your cat feel safe and happy.

2. Boxes Make Them Curious

Cats are naturally curious creatures, so it should come as no surprise that they interfere with whatever you bring home.

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The boxes may seem like an innocuous toy for your cat, but this is actually what is causing them to want to explore it. They are curious and want to find out what the boxes are for themselves.

You may not be aware of this, but cats can enjoy their own scent. The boxes don’t just have a different smell, but this is also why your cat has shown an interest in it.

3. Boxes are Fun For Cats

There are many different kinds of cat toys available for purchase, but boxes can be easily used as a toy at home! Cats love exploring boxes and feeling enclosed in small spaces.

Boxes can be great cat toys because cats get a sense of thrill from being inside something so small and confined.

Big cats like tigers also love to play with boxes.

4. Great Places For Cat To Sleep

Great Places For Cat To Sleep

Boxes are a great place for cats to sleep because they provide a safe and secure place that the cat can call their own. Cats also enjoy the feeling of being hidden from sight which boxes have to offer.

They also have a vertical surface to lay on which is perfect for their natural position as they were designed by nature to rest on their sides or stomachs not upright.

5. Favorite Place To Scratch and Bite

Cats like to scratch and bite things and boxes happen to be their favorite place for both of these activities, so it’s no surprise that many cats will claim a box as their own.

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6. Boxes as Territory Marker

Cats like boxes. Not just because they can fit in them and turn them into a fort, but also because boxes are an unspoken territory marker. Cats will take over a box and it will become their home.

7. Boxes Help Cat Easier To Adapt to New Environment

Cats are usually nervous when they first arrive at a new home. One of the first things you can do to make your new house less intimidating for your cat is to provide boxes for them. Boxes can help them be calmer and relaxed.

8. Boxes Can Make Your Cat Feel Warm

Cats like to be wrapped up and feel safe and secure, which is why they like boxes. They tend to make them feel warm and cozy, and cats will often choose a cardboard box over any other type of shelter.

9. Boxes is a Great Place For Sneak Attack

Cat’s hunting instincts cause them to see boxes as a great place for sneak attacks.

The cat’s hunter instinct is what causes it to see boxes as a good hiding spot, but also a good place to make an ambush attack.

10. Boxes Provide Shelter for Scared or Lonely Cats

Boxes can be a great solution for cats who are feeling a little bit scared or lonely. They provide a safe space where they can take the time to recover from whatever has made them feel that way.

How to Make Boxes Safe For Cats

Why do cats love boxes?
Why do cats love boxes?
  1. It is important for us to make sure that we remove the staples from any boxes lying around for our pets to avoid our cat from getting punctured.
  2. Remove any strings or handles from the box to make sure it can’t strangle your cat.
  3. Place the box on a flat surface, not on a high place.
  4. Remove any tapes on the box because tape can cause intestinal problems when eaten by your cat.
  5. Remove any plastic or dangerous materials from the box.
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