Food safety is an important topic for cat owners. Cats are curious animals that will eat anything they can find. This means that it’s hard to tell what they will eat and whether or not it’s safe for them to consume. Can cats eat potatoes and does it safe for them? Find out if your cat can eat potatoes and what the dangers or risks of giving potatoes to them.

Cats should not be fed potatoes because they are poisonous to felines. Potatoes produce the toxic alkaloid solanine, which is not lethal for humans but can cause gastrointestinal upset and anemia in cats if consumed in large quantities. Cats are unable to process the alkaloid glycoalkaloids found in potatoes, unlike human beings who have an enzyme that breaks down these compounds into harmless products.

With more information available about whether different foods are safe or not, there is a lot more discussion about the safety of cats. This lead people to worry about whether their cat was eating good foods or bad which lead to many debates.

What is the answer for this?

Can Cats Eat Potatoes 2 sweet potatoes
Can Cats Eat Potatoes 2 sweet potatoes

The answer to the question of whether can cats eat potatoes is generally no. However, there are certain circumstances in which this food product may be safe for cats to consume.

Potatoes are not typically safe for cats to eat, but there are certain circumstances that make them less dangerous to felines. Eating potatoes is typically not a good idea because the vegetable contains high levels of carbohydrates and potassium, which can be harmful to your cat’s health.

However, if your furry friend has an upset stomach or if you need them to eat something instead of vomit, it may be okay for them to have a few bites of potato. The reason this might work is because the vegetable is denser than many other vegetables and foods for humans with this issue; when eaten in small quantities it will take longer for their stomach to empty and they’ll be able to feel full.

How Much Can They Consume Potatoes?

Cats are carnivores so it is not safe for them to eat too many carbohydrates. Given that it is just the cat’s stomach, they may have difficulty digesting vegetables and potatoes.

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That being said, experts recommend not more than 10% of treats like potato given to a cat considered safe. More than that can cause you cat to get sickness like pancreatitis.

Type Of Potatoes That People Give To Their Cats

Can Cats Eat Potatoes Type Of Potatoes That People Give To Their Cats

People often give their pets some of their own food. Cats in particular enjoy eating potatoes and other vegetables that people eat. In this section, we will explore the different types of potatoes that people give to cats.

  1. Cooked Potato
    Cats can eat potatoes, but they should only eat cooked potatoes. If your cat eats too many raw potatoes, it could get sick with a condition called Heinz Body Anemia. That’s because the cell walls of the potato cells break down and release a toxin that damages their red blood cells.
    White potatoes are also safe for cats to eat as long as they are boiled or mashed, according to some expert. Cats are able to digest cooked potatoes better than raw potatoes because cooking breaks up the starch granules making it moderately digestible.
    Green potatoes or green bits of potato should not be given to cats because they contain solanine.
  2. Sweet Potatoes
    Cats have a natural affinity for sweet flavors, so you might be tempted to offer your cat a tasty treat. Some people consider it to be a good choice to feed their cat sweet potatoes, but it can cause digestion problems.
    Cats have a taste preference for sweet potatoes, but they are not as easily digestible or as nutritious for your cat as other snacks. The main ingredient in cat food is protein, which is much easier to digest than sweet potatoes.
  3. Fried Potatoes
    People who like to eat potatoes may like them when they are fried. But for cats? No way.
    Fried potatoes are not good for cats because they are high in sodium and oil. They also contain ingredients that make them dangerous for your cat, such as potato starch and natural flavors.
    Fried potatoes are not good for you either, but at least they’re not bad in the same way they’re bad for cats.
  4. Potato Chips
    Giving potato chips for your cat should be avoided because it has lots of chemical and flavor. Potato chips are one of the most common snacks in the U.S., but they are not meant to be eaten by cats. Regular potato chips come with lots of salt, sugar, artificial flavors, fat, and calories which can lead to obesity in cats. They also have no nutritional value which is why it should be avoided.
    This is one of the worst snacks that people give their pets because they have too many chemicals that can cause dental problems for your pets.
  5. Potato Wedges
    Potato wedges are not good for your cat to eat because they are high in carbohydrates, which cats cannot digest. Eating potato wedges can give your cat gas, vomiting, and diarrhea.
  6. Potato Salad
    Giving potato salad to your cat can also be harmful as it is not healthy for their health. It has been claimed that giving a cat potato salad can cause their kidneys to shut down and lead to death. While this may sound like an urban legend, there have been hundreds of reports of cats being sick or even dying after their owner fed them some potato salad.
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Dangers of Potatoes to Cats

Can Cats Eat Sweet Potatoes
  1. Raw, uncooked, or green potato peels can produce solanine, which can be toxic to cats. Cats are especially susceptible to this natural poison due to their weaker bodies and because they love to eat any kind of vegetables, unlike people who prefer cooked ones for example. While consumption of solanine will not harm humans, it is highly toxic to cats. If you have a cat, it is safe to assume that they are at risk of solanine consumption.
  2. Cats are carnivores meaning that they prefer meat to vegetables. If your cat is not familiar with eating potatoes, they may get intestinal issues if the potato was not cooked with any butter or seasoning.
  3. Some cats may be more sensitive to the common side effects of eating too many starchy foods. Cats are carnivores, so they are not accustomed to eating large quantities of carbohydrates, which is what potatoes contain. Potatoes can cause a cat to experience pancreatitis. When your cat eats lots of potatoes, they may start to vomit or have diarrhea. These are both signs that they might be experiencing pancreatitis. To prevent this from happening in the future, you should limit your cats intake of potatoes and other starchy foods.
  4. Humans can eat potatoes without any problem, but for cats it’s not that simple. Cats may get diarrhea if they eat lots of potatoes because their kidneys are unable to process the high level of starch.
    Symptoms of cat may get diarrhea if they eat lots of potatoes:
    -The cat will start peeing more than usual for a 24-hour period.
    -The cat will stop eating or drink water for a long time (more than two days).
    -They will lose weight without trying to do so.
    -Their coat will become dry and duller than usual.
  5. A cat may get a nervous system disorder if they eat a lot of potatoes. This is because the high levels of solanine in potatoes will affect their nervous system. The symptoms of this disorder are lethargy, disorientation, and dilated pupils.
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Do My Cats Need Potatoes? 

No, cats do not need potatoes. They can be given as a treat or served as a side dish, but it’s not necessary to include them in their diet.

As long as your cat has access to fresh water and nutritious food all day long, there’s no reason to worry about the inclusion of potatoes in its diet.

Safest Way to Give Potatoes to My Cats

Do you want to give your cat a treat? You might be tempted to offer your cat a potato, but it’s not the best choice. Potatoes are some of the treats that cats like to eat, but they contain a lot of starch and can’t be digested easily.

The safest way is to offer them a cooked potato with no seasoning in a small amount.

It’s also important to make sure the cat does not have any underlying medical conditions or digestive issues before offering these treats because some foods may cause stomach upset or constipation in felines with digestive problems.


Cats and potatoes make for a dangerous pairing. Domestic cats and wild cats alike should be kept away from this food. Cats produce the enzyme alpha-amylase, which can break down starch into sugar, but not solanine. This is what makes potatoes particularly dangerous to felines because they cannot break it down and it accumulates in their bloodstream instead. Keep these natural kitties away from such a delectable dish (unless you want them to suffer).

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