Kissing our cat is our personal way of expressing our love and care for him and is in line with social norms and human behavior. But do cats understand kisses and the true intent behind these kisses, and do they value them accordingly? To comprehend their perception and sentiments more fully, let’s try to learn more.

Kisses are not fully understood by cats. On the other hand, they are completely aware of the fact that kisses are a sign of your affection for them. They apparently relate this to the usual grooming behavior performed among cats.

Do cats understand the meaning of kisses?

Although our feline friends don’t know exactly what kisses are for, they understand the general meaning behind them. Cats may associate it, like petting, with their own way of showing affection, which is to groom each other. Grooming each other is a sign of affection and well-being that they learned from their mother when they were kittens.

This is why many cats react positively to kisses. Indeed, they often start purring, wiggling, and rubbing their heads against their human. However, if they don’t like being kissed, it’s immediately obvious. They pull their ears back, wag their tails, and even spit. Cats that don’t like to be smothered and hugged are usually the ones who may be skeptical of kisses.

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In some cases, even if your cat doesn’t return your kisses by licking you, as a dog might, it’s not because he doesn’t appreciate you but because they have their own means of communication to show you their affection.

Signs of affection in cats and have no problem with kisses

Your cat may not have the reflex to lick you to show you that she loves you. However, there are many other affectionate signals your cat gives off that are up to you to decode. Here are some of them:

  • He rubs against you.
  • He keeps his ears up.
  • He blinks gently as he looks at you.
  • He nudges you with his head.
  • He holds his tail straight out with the tip bent into a hook.

So don’t force your cat into your arms or lap if she doesn’t want to. Instead, watch for other signs that she’s discreetly sending you.

Sign of your cat dislikes kisses?

Your cat is telling you she doesn’t like what you’re doing and is not comfortable if she exhibits the following behavior:

  • The cat starts swatting hissing, yowling, or groaning at you
  • Curved back
  • Ears pushed back, rapidly flicking tail
  • Doesn’t want to face you.
  • They attempt to escape you

Cuddling can be a stress for some cats

While a kiss may cause a good reaction in certain cats, it has the opposite effect on others.

Some cats dislike being hugged and will avoid kisses if they feel confined. This gesture will cause him further stress even though it appears to be harmless and innocent.

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It’s crucial to allow your cat to approach you if he rejects some of your affectionate actions like kisses. Before giving the cat a kiss or a cuddle, it is important that the cat feel comfortable and relaxed. It’s best to pet it first before proceeding ahead. Last but not least, it’s crucial to repay the cat’s gesture of affection if they respond to you.

Respect the desires of your cat.

You should respect that your cat is attempting to communicate with you if their body language indicates that they are having a negative reaction to your kisses. Continued with this can make your cat views this as aggressive behavior putting your relationship and trust at risk, and you will face the risk of being bit or scratched. Consider yourself lucky if your cat’s body language reveals that they are at ease with your affectionate display. However, proceed with caution; always be aware of your cat’s emotions and stop if they reconsider their thoughts.

Conclusion on do cats understand kisses

The mother grooms each kitten individually as soon as it is born. This action is to educate the young cats, and throughout their lives, reciprocal grooming, as well as contact or rubbing, will remain a show of affection. So human kisses are not necessarily interpreted by the cat as such, but they are surely interpreted as a show of affection, especially as they are usually delivered during a hug.

Do cats understand kisses

The cat is still a feline with wild origins, even if they clearly enjoy it when we show them our affection. They dislike feeling constrained, or at the very least, restricted in their movement. Therefore, it’s probable that your cat, who won’t have enjoyed your forced snuggling style, will turn the good purpose into a punishment.

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Additionally, it depends on where the kiss is done. The cat will not like kisses on his belly, which is a more sensitive location for them, much less if the cat uses his head a lot for rubbing and is particularly receptive to them in return. This is especially true if the cat has just had surgery.

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