How to stop cats fighting with neighbours cat?

Many people have cats as pets and live in a neighbourhood where other houses also have cats, leading to the inevitable conflict between your cat and his or her neighbour’s cats. Cats will often aggressively defend their territory, and this may lead to scratches and bites, especially if there is more than one cat involved. So, how to stop cats fighting with neighbours cat?

The best way to stop cats fighting with neighbour cats is by keeping your cat indoors. It also helps if other people in the neighbourhood keep their cats inside because it will reduce aggression between other cats. If a fight happens, be more alert and take steps to stop the fight immediately. Neutering your cat can also reduce aggression between males.

When two cats start fighting, they will be injured or bitten. It is also safe to take precaution before anything bad happen. In this article, we will share why cats are fighting with each other and how to prevent it from happening.

Why is my cat fighting with my neighbours cat?

Have you ever seen two cats fighting in your own neighbourhood? Cats will fight with your neighbour cat for a variety of reasons, but one of the main ones is territory and mating. Male cats will defend their territory from other male cats, while female cats will fight each other over food and show dominance.

Why is my cat fighting with my neighbours cat?

1. Defending territory

The title is self-explanatory. Cats are territorial animals, and if they live in close proximity with another cat, they may fight for territory. There are many reasons that cats defend their territory, but most commonly it’s because their space has been invaded by another animal.

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2. Mating

If you find your cat fighting with the neighbour’s cat, it may be because of mating. Cats that are not fixed get very agitated during mating season and will get into frequent fights with other cats, even if they do not know them. This behaviour corresponds to the breeding behaviours of wild cats.

3. Fighting over food

Two neighbouring cats may have problems and fight because of food. The neighbour’s cat has been showing up in your backyard, looking for food and attacking your cat when they find it there looking for food. Unfortunately, this problem is not uncommon among pet owners who live near other people with pets.

4. Dominance

Your cat is feeling territorial when they start fighting with the neighbour’s cat. This can be because of dominance. Cats fight to establish themselves as the dominant ones in the territory. The territory is usually marked with their scent, but the scent can change over time.

How to stop cats fighting with neighbours cat

How to stop cats fighting with neighbours cat

The first step to getting cats to stop fighting is to identify the behaviour that has caused the problem. Often, cats will fight because they are territorial animals who are marking their territory with scent by spraying urine.

Cats also fight over food, so if this is the case, separate feeding schedules should be set up for each cat or one cat may have to move indoors permanently. If the fighting is happening during mating season, neutering both cats will help.

1. Keep them inside

The most common reason for cat fighting is territorial behaviour. Cats will fight to protect their property or defend themselves if they feel threatened or cornered.

To solve this problem, it’s important to keep your cat inside the house either by letting them in and out at specific times or by attaching a leash to the collar so it can’t slip off.

2. Neutering

It can become difficult enough to live among your neighbours with the constant noise and the occasional fight breaking out. But when a cat comes running outside and starts fighting, it can be absolute mayhem.

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Luckily, there are steps you can take to stop your cats from fighting with cats of neighbouring homes. You may not be able to completely eliminate all fights, but neutering the cat will greatly reduce the chances of fighting.

3. Be alert

If your cat starts to fight with a neighbour’s cat, you should keep alert and try to stop the fight before anything worse happens.

It is important to avoid the cats getting too close in order to prevent physical contact. You can also make noise in an attempt to distract them and physically pry them apart if necessary.

4. Provide enough food and water

Cats need a certain amount of food and water to stay healthy. If you have more than one cat it is important to provide enough so that they don’t search for food outside the home. Doing so can result in a cat intruding on another cat’s territory and being attacked or fighting each other.

5. Provide enough cat toys

You should provide your cat with enough toys so they don’t get bored and wander around to your neighbour’s house. Cats will become bored if they are not provided with interactive toys, which will result in them finding something else to do.

Cats can become bored while you are at work or out of the house for any period of time. They may find it hard to stay entertained, especially if you typically keep them inside all day.

6. Build fence

It is already well known how much cats love to wander outside. What many people don’t know is that your cat’s safety is at risk when it goes outside. Cats can get into a fight with other cats or wild animals, get in traffic, or be hit by a car.

The best way to protect your cat from these dangers is to build a fence around their area or around your house. Fences will give them the freedom to explore without the risk of being hurt in dangerous situations.

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Should I punish my cat for fighting other cats?

Should I punish my cat for fighting other cats

Many people think that if their cat fights with other cats, they should punish them. This is not the best way to handle the situation. If you do this, chances are your cat will fight back and you’ll end up giving them a reason to be more aggressive by treating them like that.

Cats express themselves through fighting and it’s important for them to know that we’re there for them and we don’t want their behaviour to change.

My cat is being bullied by another cat

The first step is to intervene and separate the two cats. After this, it’s important to provide the cat with a safe place to hide and recuperate. It may be necessary to coax the cat into coming out by using food (special treats or wet food) as an incentive.

To make the situation even more palatable, start feeding your cat in its new space and keep noises down. The other cat will eventually lose interest and move on.

Conclusion on how to stop cats fighting with neighbours cat

In conclusion, the best way to stop your cat from fighting with your neighbour’s cat is by keeping them inside, neutering them, providing enough food and water, and building a fence. This will keep the cats from fighting and keep them safe from any injury or harm.

It is important to prevent fights between cats in order to help your cat be safe and to keep in harmony with your neighbours. It’s natural for cats to fight, but when it becomes an issue for the other people nearby, you should take action.

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