What if I don’t want my cat anymore

There’s no denying that cat ownership comes with a lot of responsibility. Even for people who don’t live in apartments or condos, there can be certain problems that cause them to be unable to keep their cats at home. So, the question of some of us is what if I don’t want my cat anymore?

For those of you who are considering giving up your cat, you should give some thought to how they will survive. A friend or neighbor may be a good option for your cat, or your local animal shelter is always a safe bet. If you have tried these options and none of them worked, please do not resort to simply releasing the cat on the side of the road. Abandoned cats face many dangers and don’t stand a chance against traffic or other animals.

Why are cats abandoned?

What if I don't want my cat anymore  and Why are cats abandoned

Thousands of cats are abandoned every year. Somewhere between 6-10, animal welfare agencies are currently operating in the United States, saving about 100,000 cats annually. The number is only a fraction of the population of abandoned cats. There are many potential reasons why people abandon their cats.

1. Someone in the house has allergies to cats

People with cats in the house often have to deal with allergies from their furry friends. Either their partner just developed an allergy, they have a toddler who is allergic, or they have a new roommate who doesn’t like cats. In these cases, it can be a struggle to keep everyone happy and healthy.

2. Lack of space

Many people who live in small apartments with little space to spare feel guilty about the amount of time they spend away from their cats. This guilt then leads up some people to give or abandon their cats because they don’t have the space for two separate lives. Owning a pet has many benefits, but it can be difficult for people living in cramped spaces to make room for both themselves and their pets.

3. Having too many cats

A big problem for cat owners who are housing too many cats is a large amount of space required to house all their pets. Cats are understandably territorial animals, so they need a lot of space in order to be happy and content. One way around this issue is to have multiple litter boxes throughout the house, but this can become overwhelming for some pet owners.

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4. Cannot afford the food or vet cost

While many people will gladly welcome a new pet into their home, there are plenty of reasons why owners may decide to re-home or abandon their current cat. Sometimes, the owners can’t afford the food or veterinary costs that come with owning a pet.

5. The cats having bad behavior

For many people the thought of giving up their beloved pet is unthinkable, but for some families, it can be a necessary option. Cats may have bad behaviors or not get along with other animals in the household, which can cause people to feel that they are no longer able to care for them.

6. Don’t have the time

Many people are opting to give away or abandon their cats because they don’t have the time for them. Cats are wonderful companions, but you need to be committed. The decision to give up your cat should not just be made on a whim. The first part of the decision-making process should revolve around whether you have the time to commit to taking care of your cat.

7. The owner died or move to another home

Some cats find themselves in a very sad situation when their owners die or move to another home. If the cat has lived in the house for a long time, they may not know how to navigate outside and can be afraid of unfamiliar places. Cats may also struggle with the change and take longer than usual to memorize new routines and smells.

What can I do if I don’t want my cat anymore

What if I don't want my cat anymore

If you are considering giving up your cat, there are some things that you should consider before you do. Cats can be very loving animals, but sometimes having a pet becomes too much for the owner to handle. For some people, this is because of their lifestyle changes, they may have to move or are just too busy to take care of their pets anymore.

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There is 2 option you can use if you don’t want your cat anymore as below:

1. Find someone to take care of your cats

It may be hard to part with your pet, but handing them over to a friend or neighbor might be a great option for their new home. Plus, you’ll get to see them every day and spend all the time you want with them. They won’t have any worries about how they’re treated and they’ll always have someone to come home to.

2. Sending them to the animal shelter center

There is a misconception that one can simply release their cat to the wild with no consequences. The truth is, cats are at risk of getting lost, attacked by other animals, and possibly euthanized. If your life circumstances have changed and you no longer want your cat, you should consider sending him or her to an animal shelter.

What happens to abandoned cats

Abandoned cats are a huge problem in many communities. These cats can suffer from malnutrition and sickness because they have nobody to take care of them. Abandoned cats often get into fights with other stray or feral cats which can be deadly. Finding homes for abandoned cats is important so they have somebody to care for them while they await adoption.

What happens to abandoned cats

Some of the things that might happen to your cat if you abandoned them is:

1. They can get sick

Abandoned cats are more likely to get sick and be at risk of injury. They may also need to hunt for food and water, putting them in harm’s way continually. Some abandoned cats end up spending days, weeks, or even months living on the streets. These unfortunate felines are often malnourished and carry diseases like rabies.

2. They can be having starvation and malnutrition

Abandoned cats are often left to fend for themselves, which can lead to starvation and malnutrition. Often, these animals are abandoned because they were not desired by the owners, but their feelings of neglect will only cause the animal’s situation to worsen.

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3. Get into a fight with other cats

Cats are territorial creatures. If they come into contact with another that they perceive as a threat, they will try to fight them off – and get injured in the process. The result is often a nasty fight that ends in injury or death for either one of the cats involved.

4. Die from sickness or hunger

Abandoned cats are often left to die of sickness and hunger. Most of these animals do not survive long on their own. Abandoned cats usually find some food sources but it is difficult to get enough nutrients in this way. Most of these animals do not survive long on their own.

What you should not do if you don’t want your cat anymore?

What you should not do if you don't want your cat anymore

If you find that your new kitty is not the right addition to your home, please do not relinquish responsibility for it. Cats can end up badly, where they will be at risk of neglect and abandonment. As a cat owner, it is up to you to do what is best for your cat and give him or her a loving home.

Abandoning an animal on the street is a cruel and inhumane act. Cats suffer from a lack of food, water, and shelter and may also be subject to injury or disease. Cats are often abandoned when their owners can no longer care for them, but this should never be an option as they need love and care just as much as any other pet. You can find people who will take cats off your hands so they don’t have to live on the streets.


In conclusion, having a cat comes with great responsibility that the average person cannot keep up with. If you are unable to keep your pet, you should find them a home elsewhere. A good idea would be to give them to a friend or neighbor or an animal shelter so they can be well cared for and given love.

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