Cats have a reputation for being mean, but this is not always because they are bad. Bad treatment and neglect can cause cats to lash out in frustration and anger. Certain factors such as the owner’s attention, activity level, and discipline style can all contribute to a cat becoming upset and showing aggression. 

In this article, we are going to go over some common reasons why cats may become aggressive and what you can do to help with this problem.

Cats are not born mean

Cats are not born mean. If you ask a cat lover, their answer will most likely be that there is no reason cats should be mean.

They are just cats. They are a type of animal with their own set of behaviors and instincts. They are born with an instinct to hunt and kill, along with the desire to protect themselves and their home.

They can be mean to us, and they can be mean to each other. But, they are not mean all the time. Here’s what we think.

Reason why are cats so mean to me?

Why are cats so mean to me

1.They are just playing with you

Some cats are very mischievous and love to play with their owners, but sometimes they can be a bit too aggressive. You should teach them to slow down a bit to avoid injuries to you. Cats are independent animals, so if they’re not taught early on how to behave around people, they can become difficult.

2. They are just being protective

It may seem like it’s just a cold shoulder, but according to experts, cats are acting out because they’re trying to protect themselves. This is because cats know that they’re vulnerable and it can be stressful for them to bond with others. When they feel threatened or protective, the “fight or flight” response kicks in and they lash out.

3. Environmental stressors

One thing that often goes overlooked is the environmental factors that can cause a cat to lash out aggressively at its owners and people they don’t know. This could also come from the lack of space, water, or not enough food.

The cat may be stressed in their environment in one way or another. This could be due to the animal’s environment, the owner’s environment, or the cat’s environment.

4. Cats exhibit defensive aggression when they feel threatened

You may have noticed that your cat exhibits defensive aggression when they feel threatened. The aggressiveness can range from a low hiss to a full-fledged attack. There are many reasons why your cat may be feeling threatened and it is important to understand their behavior before you take any action.

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Common triggers for defensive aggression include:

1) unfamiliar animals

2) new furniture in the home

3) new pet in the home

4) strangeness around the house

5. They feel stress of something

It is possible they are feeling stressed because of something. Cats have the tendency to experience stress in many different ways, but it is not always easy to identify what is causing their stress. Some common signs of stress in cats are aggression, territorialism, excessive grooming, depression, or anxiety.

6. Sensitive to patting

The “patting-induced aggression” is often considered to be the opposite of the fear aggression. This pattern of aggression is shown when a cat jumps or lunges at someone who tries to touch it. The cat may also turn its head and hiss, but it does not approach the victim in order to attack them. It instead becomes aggressive only when the person touches it.

7. Too little exercise

Your cat is in a bad mood because it’s getting too little exercise, or too much. If your cat is having a bad day because it’s not getting enough exercise, the best thing you can do is to encourage it to go outside.

8. Afraid of strangers

Cats can react defensively with hostility to anything new in their environment including people, which could explain why they sometimes become many towards strangers. It’s important for all pet owners to ensure that they are able to provide support and comfort for their cats who may be feeling anxious or fearful.

9. They Need Your Attention

Why are cats so mean to me because they need more attention from cat owner

One reason that cats may become mean is that the cat feels that it is that they are not getting enough attention from their owner. The cat wants more of your time and wants to play with you. It is important to spend quality time with your feline friend, especially with an animal whose mental health has been affected by long periods of isolation and deprivation.

10. Cats natural nature of hunting

Cats are natural hunters that roam around the house, all the while trying to think of ways they can get into trouble. This is often because their wandering minds and natural instinct make them seem more aggressive at times, but this is not always the case. People will often confuse their cats’ anger for aggression because it would seem like they are mad about something, but oftentimes it is just a natural hunting instinct kicking in and their need for stimulation.

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11. They think you’re invading their territory

Cats feel threatened by humans and can react aggressively when they feel their territory is being invaded. This aggressive behavior can be prevented by taking time to acclimate a new pet to its environment or to give it more space in the home.

12. They are having illness or pain

Aggressive cats are usually suffering from some type of illness or infection that could be easily fixed with an exam and antibiotics. Paying attention to any changes in your cat’s behavior will also help you better understand any health issues they may have.

13. Noisy or Loud Sound

Sound and noise levels, such as a door slamming or a vacuum cleaner roaring, can be startling and irritating for our furry friends. Some cats are sensitive to sound. If your cat’s disposition is low or if your cat lives in an environment that is loud and full of distractions, such as a busy street or construction site, it can lead to an irritated cat.

14. Because of their gender

When your cat becomes aggressive, there is a reason behind it. A cat can be mean to you because he is male. Male cats have less tolerance for being touched, petted, or put in smaller spaces than females. They also have a higher pain threshold than females so some behaviors may actually be pleasurable to them rather than just unpleasant or annoying.

You may consider reading our article on The Complete Guide for Cat Spay and Neuter & What You Need to Know to help reduce cat aggressiveness because of gender.

What to do if my cats are so mean to me?

The truth is that cats are very intelligent and have many different personality traits.

While they can be very tame and friendly, they can also be very mean, aggressive, and sometimes even have a short temper. Is it their nature? Why do they behave like this? Is this how they always behave? If they are your cat, you can still do a lot to tame their temper. It’s not hard.

What to do if my cats are so mean to me

The following are some tips on how to tame your cat’s temper and make him/her calmer:

1. Change their surroundings

Cats are very territorial and if they know that someone is invading their territory, they will fight back. Change their territory (if they can). If you have a large room, you can leave a door open so that they can spread out.

If you have a small room, you can also get a pet bed and let them sleep in it.

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If they still fight, give them a place to hide.

2. Give them food

How can you make your cat happy? Make sure to give your cat enough food. Cats are not able to regulate their own weight, so if you are feeling generous, be sure to offer them enough food for their size and energy level. Giving your cat delicious and favorite foods will also help increase the bond between the two of you.

4. Give them some toys

Playing with cat toys can help cats release their stress and be less aggressive. Cats can become bored if they don’t have anything to do. They may even stop playing with their owner or other pets in your home. Cats need stimulation, so give them some toys!

5. You can also give them more attention.

Many pet owners often neglect their cats, not giving them the attention they deserve. This can include giving them cuddles, playing with them, and giving them food. The more attention they get, the more lovely they become. 

Some people might think playing with a cat is a waste of time or that it’s easier to just feed the cat. However, your cat will need some form of playtime in order to maintain its health and happiness.

6. Give them time to make bond with you

Every cat is an individual, but most cats take several weeks or even months to form a bond with you. Not only does this time allow the cat to get used to their new surroundings and adjust to a new routine, it also allows them time to get comfortable with who they live with and come to trust and love.

7. Have your cat checked out by a vet

Cats are sometimes mean to you because they have a health problem. It is important to take your cat to the vet to have them checked out if they are being aggressive or unpredictable. Cats can get into fights or fall off of high places that cause them pain, which could lead to aggressive behavior.

Conclusion on why are cats so mean

Any aggression from your cat may be due to a variety of factors and you need to identify them and try to solve them. What you need to do is take care of them the best you can and love them with all your heart because cats are our best friends and we can’t live without them.

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