Why Does My Cat Knock Everything Over?

Introduction: Why Does My Cat Knock Everything Over, and What Causes It?

Today’s behavior that we going to discuss is why does my cat knock everything over? Cats have a sixth sense that is not unlike humans. They can sense the world with their whiskers and by looking at how things feel and smell. Additionally, they can also see in the dark and with their ears like radar.

Cats like to explore and this includes knocking things over. It is a natural behavior for them, but sometimes it becomes too much. A cat may knock something over when they become bored or need some stimulation from their surroundings or when they are trying to get your attention.

Why Does My Cat Knock Everything Over?

Your cat feel bored

Your cat can be so frustrating when they are bored! So, they just knock everything in the house down in search of some fun. They don’t realize that when they are doing this, you are trying to find a way to help them relieve their boredom.

Your cat wants your attention

Cats like to be held and petted. But, sometimes, they might knock everything over because your cat wants your attention.

Your cat often knocks over anything to get your attention. They will jump up or spring off the bed to get to you. Sometimes they will even scratch or bite you if they feel like you are ignoring them.

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They are having fun

Cats enjoy knocking things over because it brings them great joy. If your cat keeps knocking books off the shelf, don’t worry too much about it. Cats are not trying to get you in trouble, but they are just expressing their playful side.

Why Does My Cat Knock Everything Over at Night?

Why Does My Cat Knock Everything Over at Night?

So, why does your cat knock things over at night? Why are they so active during the night?

The answer is simple. Cats are nocturnal, meaning they are active during the night. They sleep during the day and spend their time hunting for food or playing around with their owners.

There are also opinions that cats knock things over at night likely because they want your attention. Your cat may want to play or be hungry.

How to Stop Your Cat from Knocking Things Over?

Cats will knock things over as a result of their curiosity. To prevent your cat from knocking things over, you should make sure that the object is out of sight and out of reach. You can also train your cat to not jump on furniture by using positive reinforcement.

Cats are curious by nature and they will go exploring for new toys/tastes/smells in the house. If you want to be able to exercise your pet, place its food/toys near or under your desk or cabinet so that it can’t access it with its paws while you’re at work.

Cats are known for their agility and strength. They can easily jump on top of your table without any problem. But, this is not something that humans can handle, especially when your cat might be knocking over vases and knickknacks around the home.

how to stop your cat from knocking things over

Here are three how to stop your cat from knocking things over? :

  • Get a scratching post for your cat to sharpen its claws. Place the scratching post next to the area where your cat likes to climb.
  • Consider getting a laser beam toy
  • Place a litter box in the center of the room near where they like to sleep/hang out.
  • Feed them outside of an area they like to hang out in (such as next to the bed) so that they don’t feel threatened by it.
  • Put lots of high places in your home where your cat can get on top of them and enjoy their pillows and rest.
  • Put away breakables item away from their sight.
  • Train them not to jump on high-level furniture or do it often so they don’t become uncoordinated and lose their balance.
  • Make sure they have enough space. You should ensure that they can’t knock anything off shelves or other places by using baby gates and other barriers.
  • You should cover the furniture with something like a rug or sheet.
  • If your cat is only knocking things over in one particular room, take out all of the knickknacks and put them away in drawers or closets until they calm down.
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