How to remove the smell of cat urine?

Accidents happen fast, so you should act quickly when it comes to eliminating cat urine. It’s not just about cleaning up the urine, but also preventing odors and getting rid of them. The other job is to teach the cat to do its business in the litter box and not on your floor, but that’s another story. So, how to remove the smell of cat urine?

As soon as you smell the slightest odor coming from the litter box, but preferably before there is any urine on the floor, you should act immediately. Cat urine is very hard to clean up and remove.

You might wonder why you need to go shopping for a miracle product but usually it is because you already have the solution at home. You probably have baking soda or vinegar in your kitchen that can help remove stains & odors from pet accidents.

How to clean up the my cat urine?

Urine is usually the scent that sticks around for the longest time, but don’t forget! There is a solution to get rid of it!

How to clean up the my cat urine?
How to clean up the my cat urine?

There’s really no need to use expensive products for household cleaning around your home. You can use a lot of things, including soap, floor cleaner and even sparkling water!

Carbonated water will draw the cat urine up from the tissues, which you can then use paper towels to mop up or absorb. The drier the area, the easier it will be to get rid of the smell.

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Avoid chemicals when cleaning you cat urine

Your cat has chosen to pee in one specific area. There is a reason why, even though they are incontinent, he chooses that space. It could be that he finds it comfortable or easy to access.

Cats have a tendency to return to places they’ve been before, which means using chemicals on the urine is a bad idea because it exposes him to toxins that could be dangerous for him.

Avoid cleaning cat urine in front of them, your cat may well think it is a game and urinate again near to where you are cleaning.

Using white vinegar to remove cat urine

vinegar can use to get rid of cat pee smeel urine

If you’re always looking for natural products to do your cleansing, then you must have heard of white vinegar. It’s a real Swiss army knife for the home and there is no reason why you shouldn’t use it in all kinds of ways.

Add 4 teaspoons of sparkling water and 2 tablespoons of white vinegar in a bowl and enjoy the best cleanser you could dream of.

For an instant odor removal, make sure to put the liquid on the surface of urine. It will soak up all of the urine and eliminate the horrible smell.

Diluting vinegar is important because otherwise you might only be covering up the smell of urine with the smell of vinegar.

Lemon for the most stubborn smell

Lemon-cleaning cat urine

Lemons are a great product to use for cleaning hard surfaces because their high acidity makes them impervious to most cleaning products.

You can pretty much leave the lemon juice anywhere on your worktop, it won’t do any harm. Its acidic properties will get rid of household odor in a matter of seconds.

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Don’t hesitate to put it on your leather, it resists this light acid. In addition, if the smell that reigns in your home does not please you, you can place a few drops of essential oil somewhere near it.

Cats have a tendency to return to the same spot to do their business. Sprinkling a little black pepper around where you don’t want your cat to go, will make it uncomfortable for them and they’ll seek out a better place.

It smells so bad to the cat that he’ll never put it back on.

Cats are a loved part of the family. Your cat may have a little too much energy and be going to do its business in places it’s not supposed to. You can opt for a repellent plant for cats, which will limit their comings and goings, especially their searches for toilets.

Conclusion on how to remove the smell of cat urine

In conclusion, getting rid of the smell of cat urine is not an easy task. It requires patience, diligence, and proper understanding of what you are doing. For best results, use these tips to get rid of the smell of cat urine.

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