How to get a cat to sleep on your lap

Cats are known for being creatures of habit that are capable of easily falling into a deep sleep. Recently, there has been a lot of research done on how these creatures sleep and the results are very interesting! So, how to get a cat to sleep on your lap?

In order to teach your cat to sleep on your lap, there are a few things you need to do. First of all, you need to spend time with them and build a bond with them. Secondly, use treats for reinforcement. Thirdly, take the time to train them and never force them into a position they don’t want to be in. Finally, start training them at a young age so it will be easier as they get older.

Why do cats like to sleep on your lap?

How to get a cat to sleep on your lap ,Why do cats like to sleep on your lap

No one can deny the feeling of warmth and comfort that comes from sitting with their cat in their lap. Cats are very affectionate creatures and will curl up into a ball on your lap or lay on your chest. When they sleep, they purr which is like a nice little lullaby to help you relax.

Many cats enjoy sleeping on their owners’ laps as it provides a sense of safety, warmth, and relaxation. In addition, many cats may feel as if they are being cuddled by their owner as of the person strokes the cat with one hand. Many cats will also respond to the familiar smell of their owner as they know that they are loved.

1. Safe and security

Do you have a cat that likes to curl up on your lap while you are sitting down? If so, your cat is probably feeling very safe and secure in this position. Cats don’t exactly like to feel vulnerable and when they do, it can make them anxious.

It’s much more comforting for a cat to be able to feel like he has complete control of his surroundings and the situation by being able to see what’s going on around him.

2. Comfortable

Cats are not the only ones that like to lounge on soft surfaces. People do too, which is why it can be so nice for cats to sleep on your lap. Cats always want something soft under their paws, and you provide just that when they lie down on your lap. Many pet parents find this to be an enjoyable experience with their furry friends, as there is nothing quite like feeling a cat purring against your skin.

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3. They want to get warm

Cats like to sleep next to warm objects, so sleeping on a person’s lap provides warmth that cats don’t get anywhere. Whether they want to be warmed up and cuddled or simply need a surface to sleep on, the warmth of a person’s lap proves to be an excellent place for them to take a catnap.

Cats love being showered with attention

4. Getting affection

Cats love to sleep on your lap, showing their affection towards you. They want you to pet them because they learn that the act of being stroked means they are loved. Cats are very intelligent animals and will know when you’re in a bad mood or when you’re in a good mood. You need to pay close attention to your cat because this is an opportunity for them to tell you how they’re feeling.

5. Calm and relaxing

Napping is one of the best ways to feel calm and relaxed, but if you are feeling extra stressed out, you can find solace with your cat. Cats are very calming creatures. They will curl around your arms and purr up a storm as they sit on your lap. This induces a state of relaxation in many humans because cats emit an anti-stress hormone called phenylethylamine that serves as a natural painkiller for both people and other animals.

6. They want to be cuddled

It’s no secret that cats want to be cuddled by you when taking a nap on your lap. Cats are social creatures and crave attention. They also enjoy curling up on soft surfaces, like your lap. The key to cuddling with your cat is patience. Don’t try to pick them up or move them around once they’ve settled into position, but rather wait for them to become restless and get up themselves.

7. They like your smell

Cats love to be on your lap because of your smell. They like their owner’s friendly smell and can feel loved and secure because of it. Cats’ sense of smell is 10,000 times better than ours, they can identify us from up to 12 miles away! This makes them perfect animals for the companionship that we need.

Best tips on how to get a cat to sleep on your lap

Best tips on how to get a cat to sleep on your lap

Cats are certainly not known for their social skills and tendency to be on the opposite side of the room when you sit down. But, if you want your cat to sleep on your lap, here’s what you need to do. 

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1. Build affection and spend more time

You should spend more time with your cat to build up the bond between you. You should spend time playing with them, getting them used to being around you and giving them lots of love. This will help create a strong bond between you two.

2. Use treat

Cats are notoriously finicky creatures. They can take just about anything you throw at them and still not budge. However, there is one food that will always keep your cat content: Treats! If you just need a minute to yourself and want your cat to stay put, try feeding them treats so they’ll come to lay on your lap.

3. Train them to stay on your lap

When you have time, take your cat on putting them on your lap. Doing this as a routine will make your cat familiar with it and will be training for them to sit on your lap. Cats seem to enjoy the extra attention and the feeling of being in “your space.

4. After meal or eating

Cats have a tendency to scoot away from their owner when it is time for them to go to sleep. In order for your cat to be able to fully enjoy their nap, you should make sure they are full of food and feeling sleepy. The best time to do this is after they have eaten and it is just about time for bed. If your cat is not feeling sleepy at that point, you should give them a treat that will keep them happy and wanting more.

5. Use their favorite blanket

Some cats have their own favorite blanket to help them sleep, but it is also a great tool to use for encouraging your cat to take a nap with you. You can place a large, fluffy blanket on your lap and invite the cat to come and rest on top of it. It will feel like they are in their own little den, which they love.

6. Never force them

A lot of people have cats who love to sleep on their laps, but forcing your cat to do so can make them uncomfortable or irritated. Cats will naturally want to snuggle up to you if they are friendly, so let your cat come to you. When you are lounging around on the couch, make sure they are in a central area where it’s easy for them to get close. If your cat is not into that idea, don’t force it!

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7. Teach them from the early age

If you want your cat to sleep on your lap, it’s best to start training when they are young. This is when cats are easiest to train and their brains haven’t yet developed the habits of an adult. There will be less resistance with kittens than with adults because kittens still think they are in control of their own bodies. They’ll be more receptive to attention and will enjoy getting petted.

Why my cat doesn’t want to sleep with me

Why my cat doesn't want to sleep with me on my lap

One of the most common reasons your cat might not sleep with you is because they’re not sleepy. Cats like to change their sleeping location throughout the day, switching from one spot to another. Sometimes they prefer to find a mat on the floor, while other times they want to climb up on something higher like a bed or chair. Cats also like to sleep in different places depending on how the weather is that day.

Many cat owners also will sometimes notice that their cats prefer the same spot to sleep in every day. Whether it is in their own bed, on your feet, or on the couch near you, there is a reason they like it. The smell of the blankets or furniture may fill them with nostalgia for when they were little. This may also be comforting to them due to getting used to that smell over time. Cats are creatures of habit and like knowing what to expect.

Regardless of the reason why your cat doesn’t want to sleep with you, it’s important to respect their preferences and let them be themselves.


Teaching your cat to sleep on your lap can be a tricky process. Cats are naturally very independent creatures, but it’s important to build their trust early so they are comfortable being around you. To start, spend time with your cat building affection. Give them treats and take the time to train them by rewarding them when they cooperate with what you are asking them to do. Never force your cat into anything or they will never come near you again.

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