How to Make Two Cats Get Along & Like Each Other

Many of us have a few cats at home and we probably know that they fight from time to time. But how to make two cats get along and like each other? And if they are fighting, what is the reason for it?

Reason Why Do Cats Fight Each Other

In the case of two cats, they have a natural instinct to fight each other. It is common for cats to scratch, bite and swat at each other when they’re fighting.

Cats are territorial creatures, and they will often fight to defend their territory. This is especially true between two cats who live together. They will often do anything to get their way, including fighting with each other.

How To Make Two Cats Get Along And Like Each Other

If you want them to be friends and live with each other, it will need some effort. Here are some tips you can use to solve this issue.

How to Make Two Cats Get Along Like Each Other

1. Give each cat their own space

Each cat needs their own space. It’s also important to provide each cat with its own litter box, food, water bowl, and bed.

Give each cat a specific spot in the house where it can play without being bothered by the other. You can isolate each cat by putting the other cat in the other room for a certain period of time. Try this for days or weeks.

2. Get them familiar with the other cat smell

After isolating the cat, you can try to make it familiarize with the other cat’s scent. Get each cat to play in the other cat’s room or places when the other is not present to make them get used to their friend’s scent.

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3. Feed them together

Try to feed the two cats opposite each other, but not close. You also need to feed them at the same time. This should help them get used to seeing one another.

4. Get cat tree and scratching post

Cats are notorious for fighting with one another but it is very dangerous. These conflicts can cause serious injuries or even death. A cat tree and scratching post will eliminate the need for cats to fight over territory.

5. Consider neutering your cat

Neutering a cat is a surgical procedure that can help reduce aggression in male cats. Generally, male cats tend to fight with other male cats because they are generally territorial.

If you notice your cat fighting with other pets, or if you can see signs of aggression in your female cat, neutering may be an option for you.

6. Avoid catnip

According to scientists, catnip is an herb that can excite your cat and make them behave in some abnormal ways. This herb releases a scent that can stimulate the areas of a cat’s brain that control behavior and emotions. For some cats, it might make them more active and playful but for others, it might make them more aggressive or agitated.

If you want to avoid the problem of your cats fighting each other, don’t provide the herbs. Instead, provide them with things they will enjoy such as toys or treats to keep them occupied gently.

7. Encourage them to play with each other

Make them play together in a way that they both enjoy. One of the most popular ways is by using a laser pointer because it will always keep their attention.

Give them treats when they both do something good together like eating or playing together. This will encourage your cat want to cooperate more often in the future and will make sure that they do not become bored

8. Provide them with lots of cat toys

One of the most effective ways to prevent your cats from fighting with each other is by giving them lots of cat toys. This will not only divert their attention from fighting with each other but also make them busy playing and having fun.

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There are many different types of cat toys that you can buy for your pet to keep them occupied and entertained. You can buy things like a laser pointer, climbing trees, treat dispensers, and puzzle feeders, or a string ball.

9. Tasty Treats

Offer your cats tasty treats like milk or tuna fish when they show less interest in fighting or playtime with each other.

10. Spend Times

Spend time with your cats individually to let them get used to each other before trying any activities together.

11. Give them Time

One of the most important things that you need to do when introducing two cats to each other is to give them some time. Cats are naturally territorial animals and they will need some space and time before they allow the new cat to be part of their daily routine.

How to Stop a Cat Fight

Fighting between cats is a common occurrence in a household with multiple pets. It is important to know how to stop a cat fight so everyone can enjoy peace in the house. There are three main ways to break up a fight:

How to Stop a Cat Fight

1. Don’t try to separate the cat

If your cat is fighting with another cat, don’t try to separate them forcefully. Doing so will only aggravate the situation and make it much worse.

2. Make a noise

It’s hard to get in the separate them when your cat is fighting. Luckily, there are some easy techniques you can use to make them stop.

You can make a loud noise like stomping or clapping your hands to distract them, you could try making some noise by knocking on the door is the best way you can use in this situation.

3. Spray or splash water

If you need to separate two cats that are fighting, one option is to spray water at the cats. Another option is to splash water at them.

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After spraying or splashing water at the cats, you should quickly pick up one of the cats and put it in a different room.

4. Toss Toys

When they fight, it can be hard to break them apart. Sometimes, you might need to distract them in order to get the upper hand. This is where throwing toys between them can come in handy.

Cat Introduction Timeline

Cat Introduction Timeline
Cat Introduction Timeline

Different cats live in different households and interact with other pets in different ways. Some cats take 8-12 months before they become friends with a new cat, while some never become friends at all.

Cats will often get along better if they are introduced during kittenhood, but for adult cats, this may not be possible. Cats also need time to get used to one another’s scents and sounds before they can really be friends.

Do Male and Female Cats Get Along

Many people believe that the sex of the cat is an important factor in deciding whether to allow it into their home. After all, different cats have different temperaments and behavior, so it must make a difference if they are male or female. The truth is, gender is generally less important than other factors when introducing a new cat into your household.

Typically, it’s best to introduce two cats together who are the same age and have similar personalities for them to get along. Cat gender doesn’t matter nearly as much as temperament and age do.

Conclusion on How To Make Two Cats Like Each Other And Get Along

You need patience with cats because they are territorial animals who like their space and want to control everything they see. It might take some time before your two cats get along with each other.

If all the above tips don’t work, you may get expert advice from your veterinarian.

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