Every cat lover knows how much cats love the smell of lavender. Lavender is a plant that smells good and always attracts cats, so many cat owners grow it in their gardens or near windows to hamper the smell of this amazing plant. The smell also helps keep mosquitoes away. So, why do cats like lavender scent?

Cats are naturally drawn to scents that are calming and relaxing. They are especially attracted to the smell of lavender because it has a soothing effect that helps them to be less aggressive. Lavender is also used in many therapeutic scents for cats because it can lead them to feel calmer, which helps them be more relaxed and happier.

How do cats react to lavender smell?

Do cats like lavender scent How do cats react to lavender smell

Cats are known to have a strong sense of smell, so it is no surprise that they can detect the aroma of lavender. Cats react to lavender differently depending on the individual cat. Some cats are not sensitive to the smell at all while others find it calming. Cats may purr more or rub up against objects in order to get closer to or cover their scent with lavender.

It’s not surprising that the soothing properties of lavender would also work for our feline companions. When researchers conducted an experiment on whether or not cats react to lavender, they found that out of the 7 tested subjects, all but two experienced a calming effect. One cat was indifferent and one cat showed signs of agitation.

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Why do cats like the smell of lavender?

Why do cats like the smell of lavender

Cats have a complicated relationship with smells, as they not only use their sense of smell to identify the location and state of other animals as well as themselves but also as a method of communication.

The sense of smell is believed to play a role in the way cats choose their mates. When it comes to whether cats like lavender or dislike it, the majority prefer the smell while some do not.


Cats are curious creatures and when it comes to the smell of lavender, they really want to know what it is all about. Lavender has a pleasant smell that is not too strong and cats love the smell because they associate it with good things such as happiness, serenity, and relaxation.

Soothing effect

The smell of lavender is known to have a soothing effect. Cats are no exception, and it has been proven that cats are attracted to the smell of lavender because of the soothing effect it has on them. Cats have a sensitive sense of smell, so if they are not comfortable with something in their environment, they will either remove it or avoid it entirely.

Calming and relaxing

Cats like to rub their cheeks on objects that have the scent of lavender, which is calming and relaxing for them. This natural chemical can be found in many household items such as detergents, lotions, and even perfumes. The rubbing action allows the scent to penetrate into the cat’s skin and coat. Cats also like to sleep near these same scented objects because it may put them into a state of deep relaxation.

Reduce aggression

The smell of lavender can help reduce the aggressive tendencies of your cat. Lavender has been shown to have calming effects on humans, so it’s not surprising that it can have similar effects on cats. Instead of forcing your cat to wear a collar with an unpleasant scent, try sprinkling some lavender oil near their litter box or scratching post to help them feel calmer and more at ease.

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Has insect-repelling effect

Ticks and other parasites can be a nuisance to any pet owner. Lavender is a natural insect repellant that not only will deter pests from your yard but will also keep pesky insects away from your cats. Cats are attracted to the smell of lavender and rub against it, so it is easier for the cat to keep the ticks and parasites off of their fur.

Do cats like the smell of lavender oil?

Do cats like the smell of lavender oil

Cats love the smell of lavender, but some cats don’t like the smell of lavender oil because sometimes the smell is too strong and cats dislike it. Cats are usually attracted to natural smells, so they avoid synthetic scents which can be overwhelming.

Why do some cats hate lavender smell?

The use of lavender as a calming scent for those who enjoy relaxation has been used for centuries, but not all cats want to be around it. This can have a variety of reasons, from being allergic to the smell to just disliking the scent. Lavender is sometimes linked with calming anxiety, but some cats find that it only makes them more anxious. For some, lavender’s sweet fragrance may trigger memories of times when they were attacked by ants or other insects.

Is lavender scent safe for cats?

Many people enjoy adding lavender scent to their environment, but it might not be safe for your cat. Lavender has a chemical called eucalyptol that can cause a cat to go into respiratory arrest. This causes the lungs to stop working and is often fatal. Research has found that when cats are exposed to this chemical in large doses, they may suffer from breathing difficulties and lung collapse, leading to death.

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Does the smell of lavender hurt cats

Does the smell of lavender hurt cats

Lavender is safe for cats when the smell comes from the natural original flower. However, some lavender oil can be strong and mixed with chemicals that may harm your cat. When using essential oils on your pet, make sure you are purchasing quality products that are free of these harmful substances. It is also advised to use this products in small doses so they don’t overwhelm your pet.


In conclusion, cats love lavender for many reasons. The soothing effect it has on the cats, the calming and relaxing effect, its ability to reduce aggression, and its repelling of insects and parasites.

Cats are curious animals that will explore anything new in their environment so they can understand what it is. Cats will explore objects or smells because they are curious.

Lavender relieves stress which calms cats down by lowering their heart rate and blood pressure. Lavender is also good for cats because they are curious by nature and it doesn’t cause any harm to them like other chemicals might.

There are many smells that cats like or hate, which is why it’s important for cat owners to learn what is best for their cats. A good rule of thumb is to avoid citrus-based chemicals, be aware of any pungent odors, and try out some natural scents.

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